Assessment Service

As we believe that each individual is different and has unique set of talent, abilities and interests that can be looked after and developed with proper guidance and counseling. Our counselors are familiar with the complexities involved in choosing right mix of country. We provide detailed information about visa processing, financial matters and give accurate, genuine, ethical, professional and honest advice of the entire process of admissions & visa formalities. We believe in providing detailed guidance and spending time with each student individually as each case is different.

Consider all options for Immigration to overseas.

Did you know that Indian residents may be eligible for different countries for immigration programs? Our unique Visa assessment system evaluates your eligibility across all of them.

There are two types of Immigration assessment available with us for your assistance.

Free Assessment Service

Definitely we provide you free assessment. If you want free Immigration assessment from Visa Valley, we will assess your eligibility and will let you know either you are eligible or not. And this service ends here it will not include any details that why you are not eligible and what you need to do to be eligible.

Paid Assessment Service ($ 100 US)

This is paid service and client will pay $100 dollars for the assessment than we will assess your eligibility in detail in a written document and will let you know whether you are eligible or not. If you get eligible for that country and you want to proceed further for case filing from us than this $ 100 dollars we will adjust in the professional fee we will charge from our client.

Paid assessment service is win-win situation for Client. In this service we will do a detailed assessment of your case!!

As if you are not eligible then you will save lot of money, time and efforts by not applying for the visa you are not eligible for. We will not only tell you whether you are eligible or not but also give you details information about why you are not eligible and what you need to do so that you will be eligible in future. And this will be a detailed written report.

And if you are eligible and decide to apply thorough us then we will adjust this fee ($100 paid to us) in the professional fee we charge you for your case. So you will not lose anything!!!

All you have to do is to give us a call at +91 9646002784 or drop into our office and together we will find the best International education or Migration opportunities for you.

It is rightly said that ‘NOTHING IN LIFE COMES FREE’’. So be wise and choose professional, registered, qualified, ethical and honest consultant and services.

There is wide spread myth that Registered agents charge more fee. But it’s a complete lie as unregistered agents are charging huge money to clients by saying that their file will be processed by MARA agent from Australia and you need to pay extra fee for MARA Agent.

We advise you to come direct to us and SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!

To check whether your agent is registered or not kindly visit Australian Government website