Hong Kong Permit

About Hong Kong Permit

If you are thinking to move another country, Hong Kong is an exceptional thinking. You are eligible to choose your choice of country,if you hold the right mixture of education and skilled experience.You may be eligible for a work visa. If you wish to have one of our professional advisers find out your eligibility.

Unlike the some countries such as the UK, Hong Kong has no quota on the number of people who can live and work in Hong Kong as a Skilled Migrant.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

It is an entrant scheme for Hong Kong. This program is for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs who intend to live and work in Hong Kong. All the qualifying criteria are assessed on a Points Based Test and then allotted a quota.

Conditions to be eligible:

Education: Higher the educational qualification more the points you can gain andMaximum 30 points are there.

Experience: More the experience, especially in senior level positions, more is the chances that you will qualify andMaximum 50 points are there.

Language Proficiency: Good English language skills are expected for Hong Kong Migrationand Maximum 20 points are there.

Age: If you are between 18-39 years of age than you are eligible to claim Maximum points i.e30 points.

Family Background: If you have at least one immediate family member is a Hong Kong Permanent resident than you are eligible to claim Maximum 20 points.

You have to gain at least 80 points to apply for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. This visa issued to you initially for 1 year; the visa gets 2 more extensions up to 7 years when the holder can apply for permanent residency.

Please note that Hong Kong does not offer citizenship.

Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates

Applying within six months after graduation

If you have graduated from a Hong Kong educational institution and you start the process of obtaining your visa within six months after graduation, you will not be required to have an offer of employment as a condition of receiving your visa under the IANG.

Applying after six months have passed since graduation

If six months have passed since you graduated from a Hong Kong university and you are applying under the IANG, you must have secured a bona fide offer of employment when you apply.

Visa Processing Time:

Your visa and residence permit will be good for an initial period of one year. You may apply for an extension to your visa, after this time for a period of two years. The second time you extend your stay, your visa will be valid for an additional two years and the third time you extend your visa it will be valid for a period of three years.

General Employment Policy:

If you wish to immigrate to Hong Kong as a skilled migrant and possess the right qualifications, skills and experience for which Hong Kong requirements, you may be entitled to obtain a visa under the GEP.

You must have a confirmed offer of employment when applying and the vacancy must be in an occupation relevant to your skills and qualifications. It should also be an occupation that cannot be easily filled by local labor. Moreover, you must not have a criminal record or otherwise represent a security risk.

Visa Processing Time:

You may extend your stay in Hong Kong under a GEP visa for a period of two years. The second time you extend your stay, your visa will be valid for an additional two years and the third time you extend your visa it will be valid for a period of three years.

Note: The immigration routes listed above do not apply to citizens of Afghanistan, Albania, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Nepal and Vietnam.

Processing Fees:

Processing fee for Spouse and each of his/her dependent are 160HKD

*Note: please note that the processing fee & financial requirement may change as per the requirements. Please contact Visa Valley counselors for the latest updates.

For Assessment:

To check which option is best suited for you, kindly send the following to evisavalley@gmail.com for appropriate advice.

  • Your updated Resume/CV.
  • Provide your partner updated Resume/CV as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Also mention you or your spouse IELTS/ French/ TOEFL score.
  • Information on any immediate family member (blood relations) residing in any foreign country.

*For more details please contact our Visa Valley counselors.