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The decision to settle or study abroad is one of the most important decisions and would decide your career direction for the entire life.

  • Study Abroad:

    Needs lot of professional planning and purposeful thinking. It is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences and once in a life time opportunity. International education is not cheap and requires a lot of financial backing. One wrong decision will waste your precious time & money.

  • Settle Abroad:

    Life in a new nation can be difficult to start because you are moving to a different world, where people have different culture, they speak different languages and they have different system and law. Visa Valley consultants help you to adapt to global life even before you reach there. So that you can easily make it your home and successfully settle there.
    For both above cases not one but several questions are to be taken into account. VISA VALLEY team of trained Counselors & visa experts will provide you an expert, genuine, transparent updated latest information from starting level to visa’s approval to reaching your dream destination. Our professional relations and expertise visa authorities shall make sure there are no delays. Most importantly you can miss out on a session or on the visa if you do it yourself, due to lack of knowledge and information. We will assist you in various services:

Immigration Services

This is the first step towards resettlement in a new country. It is a procedure that demands professional handling of all immigration matters and other complications. Assessment of client’s eligibility for permanent residency in the country of immigration and advice the client about the immigration laws prevalent at that time,

  • Assisting the client in preparation of case for immigration,
  • Reviewing and identify for submission of all the required documents and supporting evidence,
  • Submitting the complete case with supporting documentation and evidences,
  • Assisting the client in preparation for the interview at visa processing post through various counseling session,
  • Multi-stage counseling of the client when they receive File number, Interview, Medical, Landing papers and on other immigration matters, when required,
  • Keeping in touch with visa office and handling all visa correspondence with the visa office, pertaining to the client’s case,
  • Monitoring the client’s case throughout the processing, so as to ensure the issuance of visa in timely fashion,
  • Honestly advising the client about the mandatory requirements by the visa office with respect to the client’s case,
  • Adopting ways to save time and finances.

Study Visa Services

Our qualified team will help you make the right decision regarding your course choice keeping in mind your aptitude, interest, educational background and the future career prospects. We guide the students to make the right career choice. Once your course is decided, the next step is admission. We shall short list the best possible college or university depending on your merit, suitability of course, and finances, helping you make a well presented application and customize your SOPs portfolios.

Our visa processing team is professionally qualified and has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. We have an excellent visa success rate and a reputation of giving genuine supreme assistance and guidance for visa facilitation. Our team shall assist you in the entire process starting from filling applications, preparing right financial documents, guidance on educational loans and interview preparation.

Visa Valley has a strong student network and bond with our satisfied old students. Our counselor shall connect you to other students. All students are given guidance on what to carry and details of the country they are going to, guidance on part time work and other rules and regulations. An informative Academic and Career Counseling are conducted in our India & Australia office under able guidance of our director Mr. Anil Seth.

After You Reach Your Dream Destination

We keep in touch with all our clients and students after reach their dream country. We guide our students at every stage to get good jobs and immigration guidelines till they are well settled with their career.

Other Services

  • Spouse, Parents, Siblings who want to visit or join their family or students.
  • Visitor visas for various countries.
  • Interview preparations.
  • Career counseling.
  • Financial Guidance/ Assistance

Most of us dream to settle or study abroad but only few eventually realize it. We at Visa Valley serve you dedicatedly to handle all procedures effectively, efficiently, timely and in a hassle free manner. We are one of the most professional and genuine international education and immigration consultants.