Permanent Residency Visa New Zealand

1. Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) for New Zealand

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) program is the new opening to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.

New Zealand Migration is based on your Ability/Skill. Ability/Skills select is a key device that has made easy changes in the functioning of skilled immigration system. Immigration authorities would now be to control the entry of the professionals and trained workers, through skilled immigration route, as per the needs and demands of states, government agencies, domestic industries and sectors. It would also help the states and regions to locate qualified people with suitable profiles for nominations and settlement in regional parts of the country.

Why one should have to Migrate in New Zealand?

New Zealandis fully developed nation on this planet. So there are various benefits of applying for SMC Visa.

  • Social Security benefits after two years of migrating.
  • Full liberty to live, work and study.
  • Equality between men and women.
  • Earning in dollars.
  • Retirement benefits.
  • Healthcare benefits.
  • Free education for children.
  • Further option to sponsor your relatives to join you in New Zealand.

What is the pass mark?

The pass mark is the total number of points you need to be eligible for any visa that is subject to a points test. The current pass mark is 140 points.

Who can apply?

There is Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Program, which is a point based. Applicant will be asked to provide information related to his:

  • Qualifications,
  • Work-Experience,
  • Occupation,
  • New Zealand Education,
  • New Zealand Experience,
  • Close family relations in New Zealand, if any

You get points for all these. Point score must be 100 if you score 140 or more you will be invited to apply immediately subject to initial form of the information that has been provided to Immigration New Zealand. Your acceptance will be subject to meeting health, character and age requirements. If you score between 100-140 points you will be placed in a skilled migrant pool and chance of being selected according to point ranking in sufficient numbers to meet the requirement of New Zealand Residence Program.

What is the pool mark?

Where the pool mark is set lower than the pass mark, applicants whose score is lower than the pass mark but is equal or greater than the pool mark, are held in a pool for a specified time. Currently, however, the pool mark for all visas that are subject to a points test is equal to 100.

Selection procedure for SMC is as follows:

Education: Maximum of 40 points based on your level starting from level 4 upto level-10. Bonus points are also there if you have New Zealand education.

Work Experience: Maximum of 30 points for paid skilled work experience a minimum of 10 points is required, if you have 2 years of work experience. Bonus points are also there.

Age: Maximum of 30 points based on your age. Minimum age should be of 20 years & maximum is 55.

Skilled Employment: Maximum of 60 points based on your job offer in New Zealand.

Close Family: Maximum of 10 points if you have close family in New Zealand.

Bonus Points: Maximum of 20 total points based on your work in an identified future growth area and your partner skilled job offer.

A pool is made of all Expressions of Interest who score between 100 and less than 140 points, and those who have 140 points and above are invited to apply (ITA). EOIs in the Skilled Migrant Category Pool are selected from that Pool periodically on the Government's behalf by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

How to apply?

There are two steps to apply under this program:

First of all you have to tell us about yourself, your family, your skills and your experience. Than our company Visa Valley will assist you to complete the first step of an Expression of Interest i.e EOI.

Secondly, if you have enough points, the immigration authority accept your Expression of Interest, and send you an Invitation to Apply. You complete it, and return it to us with your supporting documents.

EOIs that have total points of 100 or more but less than 140, and include points for the principal applicant's offer of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand, are selected (according to their points ranking) in sufficient numbers to meet the requirements of the Skilled/Business Stream of the New Zealand Residence Program (NZRP) at the time of that selection (subject to any adjustment to the number or distribution of places in the NZRP determined by the Government)

NZ migration isbased upon point test which is a transparent and objective method of selectingskilled migrants with the skills and attributes needed in NZ.

Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa:

300 Silver Fern Job Search visas are available each year. It is a very popular scheme, and places are usually taken on the opening day. Some are the basic requirements for this visa.

  • Applicant must be aged between 20 and 35 years of age (inclusive)
  • Applicant must be outside New Zealand during the application process
  • Applicant must be hold a recognised bachelors degree, higher qualification, or a recognised trade qualification with a minimum of two years of work experience in that trade (see below)
  • Also meet the English language requirements set out for principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) (IELTS level 6.5)
  • have a minimum of NZ$4,200 available funds to meet your living costs while you are in NZ
  • Not have been previously granted a Silver Fern Job Search visa.
  • You must also meet character requirements.
  • Last but not the least all applicants will have to provide evidence they meet the requirements to New Zealand immigration

Silver Fern Practical experience:

Holders of silver fern job search Visas who successfully find skilled employment in NZ may apply for a Silver fern practical experience visa/permit. This will allow them to work in that employment for up to 2 years.

To be eligible an applicant must:

1. Hold a silver fern job search visa.

2. Have an offer of skilled employment as defined under the skilled migrant category.

3. Hold occupational registration if it is required for the job.

There will be no limit annual limit to the number of people who can apply under Silver fern practical experience visa/permit.

Work Permit Visa:

If you have decided to come to New Zealand to work temporarily, you will probably need to apply for a work visa. For temporary work visa one should have a:

  • Job offer from a New Zealand employer
  • want to gain work experience or work after studying in New Zealand
  • Skilled in occupations that are in demand
  • are coming here for a particular purpose or event
  • are students and who want to work
  • Want to join a partner here and work.

Skilled Stream:

Work visa applicants under the Skilled/General work policy must have:

A job offer and meet registration requirements if applicable.

In New Zealand, registration is required by law in order to undertake employment in certain occupations. The Employer of such applicants seeking work visa is obliged to prove that no New Zealand resident or citizen is available to do the work offered to him or her.

For Assessment:

To check which option is best suited for you, kindly send the following to for appropriate advice.

  • Your updated Resume/CV.
  • Provide your partner updated Resume/CV as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Also mention you and your spouse IELTS/PTE/ French/ TOEFL score.
  • Information on any immediate family member (blood relations) residing in any foreign country.

*For more details please contact our Visa Valley counselors.