United Kingdom Skilled Visa

The United Kingdom Skilled Work Visa categories are planned to attract specializedpersons from all trades to occupy key positions. Some UK Work visas allow for extended visa options which may lead to Permanent Residence. With Europe at its entrance and a large household market, the variety of UK work visa categories offer anentrance for thousands of applicants looking for the experience of European life.

Tier-1 General Extension Visa:

The Tier 1 - General Extension Visa is for highly skilled workers to live and work in the UK. This visa category is suitable for qualified individuals who wish to seek employment, attend job interviews or establish a business in the UK. Applicants must be able to show they have the required

  • English language ability,
  • maintenance (funds) and
  • A recognizedprofessional qualification to be eligible to qualify.

Post study work extension visa:

The Tier 1 - Post-Study Work Extension Visa is specifically for those international graduates who have studied at recognized institutions in the UK to stay and look for work without the need for a sponsor.

As the Tier 1 - Post-Study Work Extension Visa category is now closed for new applicants; new international graduates may take the Tier 2 (General) Assessment to determine if they will be able to stay in the UK. However, extensions are possible for current post-study work visa holders.

Condition to be Eligible:

Applicants who wish to be in UK under this visa have to qualify for a Tier 1 - Post-Study Work visa under the UK points-based system, applicants must score a minimum of 95 points for attributes including UK qualification, UK institution, Date of award, English language valid immigration status, and maintenance funds.

Tier 2 - GeneralSponsored worker visa

The Tier 2 - General visa is for semi-skilled and highly skilled workers with a job offer in the United Kingdom seeking to fill a position that could not be otherwise are filled by a UK or EEA national. The Tier 2 - General visa allows UK companies to meet existing labour shortages. Specific visas under this category include Intra-Company Transfers, Ministers of Religion and Sportspersons.

Applicants who are granted temporary residence under the Tier 2 - General visa are permitted to live and work in the UK for the duration of their employment for a maximum of 3 years, or the period stated on their certificate of sponsorship, whichever is shorter.

Condition to be Eligible:

The basic requirement for this visa is to obtain a minimum score of 70 points for attributes such as: sponsorship, qualifications, prospective earnings, English language and available maintenance funds.

In the first instance, a prospective sponsor will apply to the UK Border Agency in order to be granted a license. After that theywill able to apply for a number of certificates of sponsorship, which they can then use to sponsor the chosen applicants. Once a prospective employee has been allocated a certificate of sponsorship, he or she will be eligible to apply for UK entry clearance or leave to remain in the UK.

For Assessment:

To check which option is best suited for you, kindly send the following to evisavalley@gmail.com for appropriate advice.

  • Your updated Resume/CV.
  • Provide your partner updated Resume/CV as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Also mention you and your spouse IELTS/PTE/ French/ TOEFL score.
  • Information on any immediate family member (blood relations) residing in any foreign country.

*For more details please contact our Visa Valley counselors.